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Safety Training Management Software

Ensure employees remain current on training

Safety Training Management Software

Stay on top of training schedules with BasicSafe’s safety training management software. In this module, you can build training categories and modules and set the frequency of training for each work group assigned to a category. Link employee groups, or individuals, to the modules they are required to complete to keep employees on track with safety training. The system provides alerts for upcoming and overdue training requirements. Monitor employee progress to ensure regulatory compliance and track revisions of training modules and materials. The new quiz builder allows you to create quizzes for employees to self-validate their training completion.

Key Features:

  • CSV Download of Records for Searching Outside System
  • Randomize Questions and Create Versions of Each Quiz
  • True/False or Multiple Choice Question Types
  • Link Quizzes to Training Modules for Employee Access
  • Select Completion Percentage Requirements
  • Post Responses to Correct and Incorrect Answers
  • Limit Number of Chances for Employee to Take Quiz Before Intervention
  • Organize Module in Tabular or Lists Format and by Category or Two Levels of Sub-Category
  • Upload Files During Validation (Signoff Sheets, Certificates, Test Scores)
  • Records access including uploaded validation files

Train the right employees at the right time

Our user-friendly safety training management software helps you stay on top of training requirements without mounds of paperwork.

What our clients are saying

“Every year I go through updating training. We would have to upload 5 documents, times 12 locations and we wanted to streamline it. The beauty is, BasicSafe contains the updated, current content we need for training. We have 55 supervisors who access that training. Everything, including the sign-off sheet, the powerpoint, is uploaded to there. So we don’t have to do it 12 times.”

- Mike Hill, Director, Timber Products



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