BasicSafe Interactive Safety Games - Safety Bingo

Use Safety Bingo to draw employees to your safety site

The Interactive Safety Games Module was introduced into the BasicSafe system as a means of drawing employees to your BasicSafe site. Employees must go to the site to access their safety bingo card and see the bingo number for the day. Combining this with a requirement for users to find information within the BasicSafe site in order to become a winner, is a great way to get employees to access and navigate your safety information.

You establish the rules of the game, BasicSafe then tracks the games and the winners for you. Games can be run by shift, department, or overall site. You determine when the game starts, what the daily increments are, and what the cap on the game is. You can even pause games when the rules you establish determine a pause is required.

Reward personnel with additional cards for outstanding performance or other criteria you set. Administrators acess the game to monitor all cards and activity, including the number of players and winners for each game.

If you want to know more about the BasicSafe Interactive Safety Games Module, click the die icon to the right and take a brief tour of the system.

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