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Mobile Audit Management Software

Simple Audit creation, completion, and management

Safety Audit Management Software

The BasicSafe Audit tool allows users to complete audits, checklists, inspections, and more from any mobile device or computer.

The user-friendly interface allows every question to have additional comments and pictures.

With more unique ways to gather data than any other audit tool and many trending capabilities we are sure you will love this tool!


Key Features: 

  • Standalone Mobile Application
  • Schedule and Assign Recurring Audits — Email Notifications and Action Assignments
  • Upload Supporting Files and Photos
  • Link Audit Forms or Instructions from the Policies and Procedures Software
  • Access Audits From Anywhere
  • Central Location For Storing Audit Files
  • Approve Audits Through the Action Management Software
  • Build Audits with 7 Question Types: Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Range (1-5) (1-10), Text, True/False, Safe/At Risk, Auto Action
  • Scored Audit Types

Discover the audit management software key elements and functions

The audit management software streamlines audit components to reduce the risk of fines, penalties and injuries.

What our clients are saying

“With BasicSafe’s auditing tool, I can audit by supervisor. I can audit by observation. If a supervisor has not done audits, you can tell. I’ll walk on the floor and if I see someone is fidgeting with their PPE because they saw me coming, that’s an indicator they weren’t wearing it or weren’t wearing it properly.”

- Jennifer Rudy, Corporate Safety Manager, Swanson Group



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