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BasicSoft, Inc.
239 SW 3rd Street
P.O. Box 403
Fruitland, Idaho 83619

Kevin Shoemaker

Phone: 208.452.2296

Don Brown

Phone: 812.624.2207

BasicSafe Pricing

We believe that safety should be affordable and accessible for every company and every employee. This is why we do not charge for users or admins but rather base our pricing off of the total number of hiring locations using the products they need. This allows your company to take just they tools they want for just the locations that need them. The subscription for our EHS products is a based on a one-year no contract required model but we do allow longer term subscriptions as well and do have a contract available if your business would prefer one.

We include support for our EHS management tools in the pricing rather than charging additional fees. Support is offered through online training and videos as well as by our stellar customer support team that can be reached during all normal business hours by email or by phone.

We also believe that you should own all your data and do not claim any rights to it. Should you choose to discontinue use of any of our products you will be able to pull all of your data out of our software without any additional fees. We are just supplying the tools to make your job easier and make your environmental, health, and safety programs more accessible.

Our EHS Products

If you are not familiar with our products and would like to learn more, you can view them here! Each of our products works as a stand-alone offering but the tools are integrated, so they are built to work even better together. All of our products meet OSHA requirements as well as the requirements of many other agencies including MSHA, DOT, and ISO.

On top of that we provide special attention during product development to be sure and create the simplest user experience possible while still creating the most  configurable and comprehensive tools on the EHS software market.

Don't worry, we aren't trying to sell you on any products that you don't need. Our goal is simply to provide an understanding of our products and determine if they can benefit your companies environmental, health, and safety goals. We believe that managing these things should be easy and we build each of our products with that in mind.

If you choose to reach out to us regarding our EHS products we can provide quotes, product videos, access to try the products yourself, or live demos of the products. Although we love talking to our potential customers, we want you to be comfortable reaching out to us regarding products or support. We understand not everyone wants to talk on the phone and that you might be more comfortable viewing the product yourself or just trying it out. If you let us know what you prefer, we are happy to provide you with the experience you are most comfortable with!

If you have any questions about product pricing, reach out using the form above and someone will get back to you as soon as possible! If you would rather see a video or demo first go ahead and use this form.