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Permit Management Software

Enhance accuracy and help your company’s bottom line

Permit Management Software

BasicSafe’s permit management software is the one-stop shop for everything related to permits. Within our secure Web-based system, build and write your own permits using a pre-structured builder and upload regulatory documents for safekeeping. Blank permits and permit instructions also can be stored in the Policies and Procedures Module  and then linked to the permit tool.

Key Features:

  • Upload or Build Permits Easily
  • Permit Builder Allows Building of Permit Forms
  • Upload Regulatory Permits
  • Link Files to Other Modules within BasicSafe System
  • Permit History Tracking
  • Central Location for Storing Permit Forms and Complete Permits
  • Permit Copying

Discover the permit management software key characteristics

Our easy-to-use permit management software helps organize permit documents for easy access.

What our clients are saying

“BasicSafe's Permit Management tool is a favorite of customers because of its flexibility and the many options it offers for storing and building permits. Our users love that the system notifies assignees by email when permits are due and notifies them ahead of time to give plenty of notice. The system allows you to inventory all past recurring permits for organization.”

- Don Brown, Director of Software Products and Services, BasicSoft, Inc.



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