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Incident Investigation and Reporting Software

Monitor an incident from beginning to end to take action and reduce safety risks

Incident Investigation and Reporting Software

BasicSafe’s incident and investigation reporting software allows you to easily generate OSHA 300, 300A and 301 forms so you can report incidents quickly and document investigation findings. The software allows you to build checklists by incident type and build a sequence of events. Customize your incident types to create and track general and specific activities and site locations, injury sources, causes and types, affected body parts and the nature of Injury or illness, at risk conditions or behaviors and the MEEE Factors: Management, Equipment, Environment, Employee. Once you have determined corrective actions, you can document them in the module, assign them to the appropriate individual and monitor their progress.

Key Features:

  • Track Cost by Event Category, Department, Incident and Type
  • Build Your Own Causal Analysis Questionnaire
  • Use 5-Why to Assist in Finding Root Cause
  • Details Tab Allows Checkbox Record of Key Items for Historical Tracking
  • Systematic Cause Analysis Technique Available for Tracking and Report
  • Action Tool to Track Progress of Incident-Related Actions
  • Build Custom Print Templates to Email Incident Reports Directly From BasicSafe
  • Advanced Search Tools for Historical Trending
  • Customizable Tabular Reporting
  • Companywide Stat Report by Site, Division, Region

Manage your investigations in a thorough manner

Our user-friendly incident investigation and reporting software keeps all incident documents in one place for quick access and visibility to maintain compliance and prevent future incidents.

What our clients are saying

“The incident investigation tool is customizable and makes it easy for me to manage our 13 plants from my home office. It really helped to centralize our safety efforts and helped our corporate office find an easier way to manage and track incidents across all of our locations. It makes my life a lot easier as the Safety Systems Program Manager that when I contact BasicSafe with a question, I am reaching not only the owner, but an experienced programmer as well. The customer service makes all the difference.”

- Drew McCarthick, Safety Systems Program Manager, Kaiser Aluminum



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