Action Management Software

C.A.P.A., Tasks, and Notifications

Action Management Software

The BasicSafe Actions tool makes assignment and accountability easy from any device.

Automated alerts and reminders keep critical items top of mind.

Notifications remind key employees of compliance related items in every tool.

Part of the virtual assistant tools, Actions enhances everything else in BasicSafe.

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Key Features:

  • Custom Priorities, Categories, Tags/Filters
  • Upload Instructions and Include Links
  • Action History Tracking
  • Assign Individual, Group, and Mass Tasks
  • Tracks Progress and KPI's
  • Assign Actions to Multiple Individuals Across Many Sites
  • Link Files to Other Modules within BasicSafe System
  • Email Notifications and Reminders for Designated Employees
How BasicSafe Helped One Company Improve Task Completion Rates

Explore the action management software key features and capabilities

The easy-to-use action management software helps companies ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner.

What our clients are saying

“The BasicSafe safety management software has given us several new avenues to measure our performance. One example is the action management module, which has allowed us to track specific projects and make sure someone is responsible for following up on them. We can easily see all files related to the project, comments and the history of our actions related to it so we know it’s getting done.”

- Cory Edwards, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Purity Zinc Metals



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