About BasicSafe Safety Management Software..... The Product

Basicsoft builds BasicSafe Safety Management Software Products

Basicsoft has identified a need for integrated safety management software within the manufacturing sector (this covers 400,000 facilities within the US). The resources at most manufacturing facilities are stressed by administrative requirements demanded by regulations and their own internal policies. Old systems of filing documents and records are difficult to maintain, and following up on all the details now required to audit these records and the procedures/policies they represent is nearly impossible.  Basicsoft has developed software that not only resolves these problems, but also works to keep a company in compliance, notifies staff of next steps required and escalates notification when compliance is at risk.

Basicsoft has worked hand in hand with clients to build easy to use, intuitive tools that need minimal training to use. A current client commented that they rolled the system out to 80 facilities and did not require training support due to the intuitive simple nature of the product implementation. The BasicSafe product is a system, a skeleton so to speak, that allows a client to populate/develop their own data/policies/procedures in an integrated system that eliminates duplication and makes access to information easy. BasicSafe brings benefits to manufacturing organizations by administering compliance activities, automating compliance reports, reducing risk of fines from OSHA, reducing labor associated with administrative tasks, providing ISO, SQF, BRC, IFS, etc. capable system management, interfacing to existing systems where practical and requested by customers. 

Hospitals, medical facilities, and construction companies also face similar needs for compliance within the same OSHA statutes.  Basicsoft has had some interaction with these organizations and we recognize there is a significant need here.

After six years of continuous development by Basicsoft there are eleven modules available to clients. All of these modules involve a client’s compliance to regulations in some manner.  Basicsoft can load the software on a client’s server network or clients can access the software and their data through a connection to servers that Basicsoft is responsible for. When the software is loaded on client’s server network there is a lump sum paid up front by the client then an annual license fee. When the client’s access is to a BasicSoft maintained server, the client pays a monthly subscription fee.

The eleven current safety software modules available in BasicSafe are:

  1. Lockout Tagout
  2. Job Safety Analysis
  3. MSDS
  4. Policies and Procedures
  5. Incident Reporting & Investigation
  6. Interactive Games - Bingo
  7. Action Management
  8. Training Management (LMS)
  9. Audit Management
  10. Permit Management
  11. Process Safety Management (PSM – Consists of 14 elements

Interactive Games are built as custom software at a client’s request. These games are intended to drive participation in a company’s safety programs and processes in order to keep employees actively engaged in safety activities and the safety web site.

Any BasicSafe software developed by Basicsoft, whether the development is funded by Basicsoft or a client, is made available to all Basicsoft clients. We believe a safe workplace is for everyone. Proprietary programming is performed by Basicsoft, but comes at a higher price since this programming generally produces no future source of income. Clients that fund new development or enhancements to BasicSafe do so at a reduced cost as long as this development work can be utilized with other Basicsafe users.

When a client purchases two or more modules of BasicSafe, they receive a One-Stop Safety Shop. This is a site that provides easy access to all the modules they are using, as well as a place for them to post newsletters, announcements, and other pertinent safety information. RSS feeds to the One-Stop Safety Shop allow each site to set a news feed of interest to their site.

Additional modules are under development with the assistance of current and future customers. Customers routinely participate as part of the development team when possible.

OSHA inspections result in fines totaling over $66,000,000 annually. Many facilities have as many as one to five individuals working full time on their safety processes. Many of these individuals spend most of their time performing administrative tasks and never actually have a chance to help improve safety performance. The National Safety Council (2008 year) has indicated the average cost of a Lost Time Accident is $48,000 and the cost of a workplace fatality is $1,310,000. There were over 5000 workplace fatalities in 2008. There are significant cost opportunities for facilities to maintain compliance and improve their safety performance.

Please contact us for clarification or an actual demonstration. A DEMO is available for customers to view and try BasicSafe Safety Management Software firsthand.