BasicSafe Safety Management Software - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will we need to utilize BasicSafe in our facility?

          For the standard BasicSafe subscription running from the BasicSafe data center, any Windows, Macintosh, or Linux operated machine running Internet Explorer version 7 or higher, or Mozilla Firefox version 3 or higher. BasicSafe may operate successfully with other web browsers, but the system has been tested with the verisions listed above. The computers will need connectivity to the internet to access the BasicSafe data center. You can click on the Accessing the Data Center icon to the right to learn more about using BasicSafe over the internet.

 2. What if we want to host the BasicSafe software on our own servers instead of the BasicSafe data center?

         For organizations wishing to run the BasicSafe software on their own servers, there are requirements available that outline the system and server requirements for this arrangement. You can click on the Server Requirements icon to the right and see the detailed requirements.

3. Can BasicSafe customize the software to fit our needs?

          Yes, our company was founded as a professional services business: we provide customization, where necessary, to nearly every client where we provide services. The level of customization you require may impact what type BasicSafe solution you select. Customization that can be used by all BasicSafe customers is typically provided at a lower cost than customization that is proprietary to your company.

4. Can BasicSafe be integrated or linked to other systems we have?

          Linking or integrating BasicSafe to other systems a customer may have is possible and has been done in several cases. This work is done on a custom basis and must be evaluated to determine viability. BasicSafe has currently been integrated with Windows Authentication (LDAP), JD Edwards, and DataStream.

5. Does BasicSafe have an easy means of loading our employee records at start up?

          BasicSafe has an a CSV upload feature that allows you to load your employee records directly to the BasicSafe database. You may choose to use this upload feature as frequently as you feel is necessary. BasicSafe also allows your employees to enter and maintain their own employee records if you provide permission for them to do so.

6. Are there limits on how much we can build and store in BasicSafe?

          There are no current limits on how many procedures or how much data you can store in your BasicSafe site. There is a current limit of 5MB on the size of individual files that get stored in BasicSafe. This file size limit is set to optimize the time it takes to send and retrieve files for the users. This files size can be adjusted upon discussion and agreement between our firm and yours.

7.  Does BasicSafe limit the number of users and administrators we can have?

          No, when your BasicSafe site is setup, we will agree to how many employees your organization will ultimately place in the employee files within BasicSafe. Once your employee files are populated, you will be able to provide as many people access to the system as you want, and you can provide administrative privileges to as many of those employees as you feel is necessary and prudent.

8. If we choose to use BasicSafe, where do we start?

          Based on the experiences we have had, we will work with you to develop an implementation plan for your operation. We can tell you what we have seen work and what does not. The final choice is yours, but we will work hard to help you build the best plan for bringing tools to your operation in an orderly fashion to help insure they are routinely used to get your employees the information needed to work safely.

9. Are there Safety Experts at BasicSafe to help me?

          BasicSafe personnel have significant expertise and experience in operations, engineering and programming. We work to understand the needs of hard working safety personnel that are on the front line in the effort to improve employee safety. We then turn those needs into usable software to help solve problems for these individuals. We are not Safety experts, yet we have extensive experience, background and problem solving skills to assist the Safety experts in the areas we excel at, and where we can add value for them.