BasicSafe Safety Software is designed and built by and for customers

Customers have worked with BasicSafe developers to build safety software to meet their needs

The BasicSafe set of safety software tools has been a cooperative development between hard working safety professionals at large and small companies, and developers of the BasicSafe product. The focus of both the customers and developers have been to build tools aimed at improving employee safety. The objective of BasicSafe is to get information to employees so that they can become responsible for safety performance.  

There are several reasons for improving worker safety, some are moral, some are ethical, and some are financial. Regardless of how you prioritize these reasons, improving worker safety is the right thing to do. Just try and operate at peak performance when your best performer is sitting home injured. Then try to explain to that person's family why they did not have the information available to keep them safe. Then try and explain to your boss why Workers Compensation costs are out of control.

BasicSafe customers understand these issues. They work hard to get information to their people in ways that are usable and beneficial. BasicSafe Safety Management Software gives them a place to build and store this information and make it available on demand anywhere there is an internet connection.

What are customers saying about BasicSafe Safety Management Software?

Direct quotes from BasicSafe customers......

"Best customer service I have ever had!"

"Implementation is so simple we did not need training to roll out!" (for over 200 sites for Lockout/Tagout)

"So easy to use and simple I don't know why everyone isn't using it!"

"Their software works and they stick with their customization features until they work!"

"What's the catch?" (from a user that couldn't believe the product works and is available with the features it has for such a reasonable price)  He also went on to say he has not seen such a product on the marketplace that performs as comprehensively as BasicSafe.

Statistics - with the strong use of our website tools and the implementation of the site we had a 6 year client using the site that was able to reduce their recordable incident rate to 1 from a starting point of approximately 4. 

Another site has been operating an approximately 250 employee site with an administrative person maintaining the site on a daily basis rather than having to hire a safety manager or professional at this point. 

Another user spent several years in a search process where they canvased the industry and evaluated multiple programs and BasicSafe was the program of choice for a 50,000 employee user. 

“BasicSafe has not only gone the extra mile to meet our safety software needs at Timber Products, they have gone 10 more miles with us helping us to transform our safety program from good to world-class!  The friendly professionals at BasicSafe are helping us to track what really matters, the leading indicators in safety, such as reporting all incidents, training completion and knowledge retention, follow-through on corrective actions, and audit results.  The safety dashboards, custom tracking and trending tools and lightning-fast access to all of our important safety documents will help our over-tasked safety coordinators to better leverage their time.”

You know when I started to work on this program I didn’t think for one minute I would be in it every day. Well not anymore!!  It’s an all day affair except when I’m checking my Outlook mail. And guess what? January was much easier than before because I felt most all my information is in it now.  I keep no copies of my trainings, therefore I plan on a smaller filing cabinet. :o)