BasicSafe Results

Better access to information for employees

Fewer employee injuries

Lower risk of injury

Improved workplace culture

Improved productivity

Improved access to training

Improved compliance with regulations

Improved communication

Reduced Workers Compensation Cost

Reduced legal fees

Reduced insurance cost

Less damage to equipment and infrastructure

Less effort to file and maintain paper systems

Saves hundreds to thousands of dollars on paper and printing

Reduced risk of regulatory fines

Better access to records

Supports GREEN initiatives

Improves Company Image


BasicSafe Safety Management Benefits

BasicSafe Safety Management Software is first and foremost focused on employees.

With BasicSafe, you can provide employees with access to all critical information you feel they need to perform safely in the workplace. Better information results in better informed employees, and that results in improved performance.

Trending mountains of history on past incidents does little to help employees working this very minute in an operation. Only up to date accurate and timely procedures and information can really help those currently performing tasks. This is what BasicSafe is designed to do.

BasicSafe works for your benefit and your employees

The BasicSafe structure allows you to build or load information in an easy to use manner and make it immediately available for use. You can access the system anywhere you have internet access to keep your safety program information up to date and accurate.

BasicSafe reminds you when crititcal audits, changes, and safety training is due and maintains records that these activities were completed. BasicSafe retains records of your employee Job Safety Analysis certifications and Safety Training records. BasicSafe can capture actions assigned to individuals and track these actions through to completion.

BasicSafe assists you in compliance with regulatory requirements and makes those records easily accessible when the time comes and they are needed.

Be GREEN with BasicSafe Safety Management

BasicSafe also helps your organization to work towards a paperless approach to information sharing. This allows your organization to work towards a GREENER footprint.

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