From Safety Training to Safety Audits and everything in-between

We have worked hand in hand with clients to build easy to use, intuitive tools that need minimal training to use. A current client commented that they rolled the system out to 80 facilities and did not require training support due to the intuitive simple nature of the product implementation. The BasicSafe™ product is a system, a skeleton so to speak, that allows the user to populate their own data/policies/procedures into an integrated system that eliminates duplication and makes access to safety information easy. BasicSafe™ brings benefits to organizations by administering compliance activities, automating compliance reports, reducing risk of fines from OSHA, reducing labor associated with administrative tasks, providing ISO, SQF, BRC, IFS, etc. capable system management, and interfacing to existing systems where practical and requested by customers. 

And best of all, BasicSafe™ is made for everyone in your organization to access information. Once you have selected what tools you require from the BasicSafe™ suite, there is no limit on how many of your people can access your site, or how many of your employees can be administrators in the system. Permissions systems within BasicSafe™ allow you to create your own permission groups and assign administrative capabilities to those groups at your discretion.

Why use Safety Software for Safety Management ?

The resources at most operations are stressed by administrative requirements demanded by regulations and their own internal policies. Old systems of filing documents and records are difficult to maintain, and following up on all the details now required to audit these records and the procedures/policies they represent is nearly impossible. BasicSafe™ is safety management software that not only resolves these problems, but also works to keep a company in compliance, notifies staff of next steps required and escalates notification when compliance is at risk.

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