BasicSafe Process Safety Management (PSM)

Capture all your PSM Program information in one place

BasicSafe PSM software provides you one location to store and access all your critical PSM Program information/records. BasicSafe provides a location to store, and in some cases create, your PSM Program information related to each of the 14 elements of PSM, as defined by OSHA. Each site can designate an overall PSM coordinator and an element coordinator can be designated for each of the 14 elements.

Ten of the BasicSafe PSM Program elements rely on consistent and simple filing structures and capabilities. These structures allow you to upload files for storage from nearly any file type. Once uploaded, you can set these files to notify you when it is time to audit or review them. This design standardization, in these ten PSM elements, reduces training and creates a look and feel that simplifies use. Simplified use of the PSM tools increases the likelihood that it will be used as required by regulations.

Four of the PSM elements are more interactive in their design. PSM Training, Management of Change (MOC), Incident Investigation, and Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR) are elements of PSM that BasicSafe has focused on developing in more detail due to the nature of these subjects. The PSM Module also utilizes the BasicSafe Action Module in conjunction with these tools.

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Use BasicSafe for your PSM Program !

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