BasicSafe Permit Software

Build or upload your permits with the BasicSafe Permit software

The BasicSafe Permit software tools allows users to build/author their own permits within the BasicSafe database using a prestructured permit builder. Users can also upload their already existing permits, from nearly any file type, directly to the permit module. Blank permits, and permit instructions, can also be stored in the BasicSafe Policies and Procedures module and linked to the permit tool.

Create your own permits for hot work, confined space, or other similar subjects. Upload regulatory permits for safe keeping.

Once permits are created, they can then be completed in or uploaded for filing in the BasicSafe system. BasicSafe then stores these permits for retreival on demand.

If you want to know more about the BasicSafe Permit Management Module, click the WATCH NOW icon to the right and take a brief tour of the system.

Use BasicSafe Permit software in your operation !

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