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One Stop Safety Shop Key Features

Access to BasicSafe Safety Management Tools

View Actions assigned to you

Post Latest News

View News Feeds

List Key Safety Personnel

Display Mission Statement

Access Administrative Systems

Customize Logo

Customize Color Schemes

BasicSafe One Stop Safety Shop

Access to your Safety Management Information

The BasicSafe One Stop Safety Shop is a web interface to all of the BasicSafe Safety Management tools you have decided to subscribe to. You can access all of your BasicSafe tool modules from the One Stop Safety Shop, as well as access all the administrative features of the system.


The One Stop Safety Shop gives you a place to post employee news, notices, and announcements, as well as run RSS news feeds, list key safety coordinators, and display your mission statement.

Click the home icon to the right to get a look at some of the features of the BasicSafe One Stop Safety Shop.

Your employee can access their safety training and procedures from the BasicSafe One Stop Safety Shop !

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Take a tour of the BasicSafe One Stop Safety Shop