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SDS Key Features

Upload your SDS documents from nearly any file type

Minimal meta data required to upload

Easy access to SDS documents from any computer

Easy search tool makes documents easy to find

Index your SDS documents by area or sub-area you define

Link SDS documents to JSAs within the BasicSafe JSA module

Link SDS documents to Training Modules in the BasicSafe Training Tools

Update all your SDS files from one spot and get rid of books and binders

Stop wasting paper and time maintaining all these paper documents

Help make sure your people have the most up to date and accurate information to stay SAFE!

BasicSafe SDS Management Module

Keep your SDS documents safe and accessable


The BasicSafe SDS Software allows you to upload your electronic SDS documents from nearly any file type into the BasicSafe database for safe keeping and accessibility by all your employees. Once loaded, these documents can be viewed by all employees with computer access, and can be linked and viewed within other BasicSafe Safety Management modules.

You can define areas and sub-areas where these chemicals are used and then index your files by these areas. SDS documents can be marked as active, trial, or archived. SDS documents can be sorted by nearly any meta data category in the SDS Management module.

If you want to know more about the BasicSafe SDS Module, click the WATCH NOW icon to the right and take a brief tour of the system.

Make sure your team has SDS Management tools available to them today !

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