BasicSafe Job Safety Analysis (JSA - JHA)

Build or Upload Your JSA - JHA Procedures in BasicSafe

The BasicSafe Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Module allows you to upload already existing electronic JSA - JHA procedures if you have them, or you can build new procedures in the BasicSafe database.


Job/Task steps, hazards, and PPE are stored in separate controls panels. These control panels store all previously created items and allow you to select and use them as you build new, or edit existing JSAs.

Work groups can be created, employees can be assigned to those work groups, and the work groups can then be linked to specific JSAs in your site.

All revisions history is tracked for you by BasicSafe. You can publish or un-publish JSAs when they are not needed. The BasicSafe JSA software is consistent with OSHA 3071 - Job Hazard Analysis.

Link other Procedures to your JSA - JHA Procedures

Lockout Tagout procedures, SDS documents, Policies & Procedures, and Permits can be permanently linked to each JSA step. This allows employees to access these documents and procedures directly while viewing their JSA without even having to navigate to one of those modules.

Employees can certify that they have access to and have reviewed the JSA for their Job or Task. BasicSafe then maintains a record of these certifications and a JSA dashboard allows administrators to filter through all these records to quickly view the information they need.

If you want to know more about the BasicSafe Job Safety Analysis Module, click the WATCH NOW icon to the right and take a brief tour of the system.