incident investigation

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Incident Investigation and Reporting Key Features

Capture OSHA incidents, minor incidents, and near misses

Generate OSHA 301, 300, 300A automatically

Capture workers compensation notes

Perform detailed investigations

Record how the scene was secured

Build a sequence of events

Gather and upload data, including photos, sketches, records, notes, witness statements, interviews, etc

Build your own determining causes questionaire

Document findings and conclusions

Create and track actions related to the incident in the Action Tool

Use basic and advanced search features to analyze history and report trends

BasicSafe Incident Investigation and Reporting

Use BasicSafe to capture your Incident Investigation Report

The BasicSafe Incident Investigation and Reporting Module provides a place to record OSHA incidents, minor incidents, and near misses. Report exactly what OSHA requires quickly and efficiently. Generate OSHA 301, 300, and 300A forms automatically.

Gather and capture additional information from the incident investigation, determine most likely causes of the incident, and develop findings with conclusions about the incident. 


Once you determine the corrective actions, you can document these actions, assign the actions to individuals, and use the BasicSafe Action Management tool to track these actions through to completion.

Perform basic and advanced searches on your database and generate reports based on these searches. 

If you want to know more about the BasicSafe Incident Investigation and Reporting Module, click the WATCH NOW icon to the right and take a brief tour of the system.

Provide your team complete Incident Investigation and Reporting tools today !

incident investigation report