Make BasicSafe™ Safety Software part of your

Safety Management Program

BasicSafe™ is a scalable database management system for loading, creating, storing, and accessing your safety or other mission critical information.  BasicSafe™ will maintain employee records related to information created and stored in the database.  All your employees can be provided access to BasicSafe™.  Any of your employees can be provided partial or broad administrative privileges within your BasicSafe sites at your discretion.  User companies can subscribe to one, a few, or all BasicSafe™ tool modules.  You can add additional tool modules to your BasicSafe™ sites when you feel it is appropriate.  BasicSafe™ provides full revision tracking for critical procedures and documents to assist users with ISO and other similar certifications.                 Contact us for an online demo at a convenient day and time for you and your staff.

Whether your company is a single site with a few employees, or a large corporation with multiple regions, divisions, and sites, BasicSafe™ can be sized and priced to fit your needs.

BasicSafe™ by Basicsoft provides integrated safety software solutions for today's complex workplace and compliance demands. In order to better support your safety program, each BasicSafe™ module has been designed to integrate together and eliminate administrative tasks so that safety management professionals can focus their efforts on workplace safety.

This module integration also provides users a location to quickly access all their required safety information and can be accessed anywhere there is a computer with a web browser. BasicSafe™ safety software products have been developed through many years of customer and employee effort to deliver a simple, cost effective means of keeping workers safe and maintaining compliance. BasicSafe™ provides complete revision control and tracking, manages and schedules necessary audits and training, and allows information to be searched with the simple touch of a button.

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Once you take a look at the BasicSafe™ tools, you will recognize that they can be used for much more than managing your safety program. The organized approach BasicSafe™ provides, along with the accessibility it provides for all your employees, and its affordability, will make it an idea solution for use in various parts of your operation.

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We believe safety should be affordable and safe work information should be easily and readily available to all. Our goal is to help make your facility injury free.

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